December 6, 1969 – Altamont Rock Concert

by carl on December 7, 2012

Four dead at Altamont rock concert

By Carl Stieren

Four people were killed at a rock concert at Altamont, California, on Dec. 6, 1969. The concert was an undertaking with 300,000 fans, which some had hoped would be a second Woodstock.

Instead, it became a scene of death for four. One man who climbed up on the stage and allegedly pulled a gun, was stabbed to death by someone in a Hell’s Angels outfit. The Hell’s Angels were said to have been hired to provide security for the free concert, which was organized by the Rolling Stones. Two people were run over in a traffic accident, and one unidentified man rolled down the hill and was drowned in a nearby canal.

The lineup of bands was to have been Santana; Jefferson Airplane; Flying Burrito Brothers; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; Grateful Dead; and the Rolling Stones closing the concert. After the violence broke out, Grateful Dead refused t o play and the Rolling Stones said they would only come on at night, to add to the dark image they wanted to project. The wait after the cancellation of the Grateful Dead was said to have increased the impatience, frustration and the violence of the concert.

Four babies were also born at the concert.

The author Todd Gitlin, a former president of Students for a Democratic Society,  has been quoted as saying that the concert marked the end of the Age of Aquarius.

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